Elizabeth and the Tome of Knowledge

Posted June 30, 2020

Elizabeth and the Tome of Knowledge A warlock from the underworld in the guise of a human. An honorable pirate with his heart set on revenge.
All hell is about to break loose.

A chance encounter at a masquerade ball will give Lady Elizabeth Whitton the chance to escape a life she never wanted.
A fairy realm where all that is good is created slowly withers away as the patriarch fairy dies.
Elizabeth has no idea how closely the worlds are connected, or how her destiny as the “Light Bringer” will be the only thing capable of saving everything she loves.
When their worlds collide, and the warlock lord of the underworld releases his beasts on the Earth, everything will be thrown into chaos.
Will Elizabeth sacrifice her one chance at true love and accept her destiny? Or will the beasts win out and destroy humanity once and for all?


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