Era of Darkness: The Apocalypse Begins

Posted June 18, 2015

Era of Darkness: The Apocalypse Begins

A world facing annihilation. Epic battles. Gritty action. Dark magic. Impossible odds. Defeat & despair.

Hatred, distrust and conflict divide the nations of the world of Emeran... at a time when a new, apocalyptic threat is about to emerge.

Vast armies of demonic warriors swarm like murderous locusts: merciless, relentless and seemingly unstoppable…

They crush opposing armies. They raise towns and villages. They have already slain the Unseen Gods... Their purpose is not expand their territory, to instil their doctrines on other people or to plunder the riches of their prey, but simply to eradicate every living thing...

Against such a threat – the coming of an Era of Darkness – heroism, desperation and self-sacrifice will surely not be enough.

Extinction is inevitable.

Era of Darkness is driven by its characters, through which the reader will experience a worn-torn realm of imagination, tension and furious action. A wealth of emotions are threaded through the tale, from love and unswerving loyalty, to savage bloodlust and unbridled terror...

Witness the fall of the great Wall of Light and the first encounters with the invading hordes. Experience the conflicts erupting across Emeran: in the forest townships of the Callis; at beautiful Mesamir, capital of the pacifist Graex; on Deshnere Plain where vast armies collide; and behind the city walls of Tremok, the Human city under assault by hundreds of thousands of invaders. Join in a desperate, suicidal mission behind enemy lines...

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First Impressions

The first few pages of an Era of Darkness introduces the reader to the fantasy world of Emaran. The book opens on the Monastery of Omnroc, set in a harsh and unforgiving environment. The reader is introduced to Amaeris and Mevin, two of the monks responsible for chronicling the history of their people.

Mevin is in his tenth year of study and is talented at his work. Amaeris is an elderly monk – experienced, knowledgeable – and he has a task of  great importance that Mevin must complete.

I have only so far read through the first chapter, and this book promises an exciting read. It’s engaging, well written and invites the reader to participate in what looks like an epic read. , although I have to confess to liking longer reads.

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