Gaspar The Thief

Posted January 16, 2015

Gaspar The Thief

Follow the misadventures of Gaspar, a freelance thief who
stubbornly refuses to swear fealty to the Thieves' Guild.

Cursed with a special affinity for calamity and mishap, and
a talent for snatching defeat from the brink of victory, our hero blunders from
one misfortune to the next, yet somehow always manages to survive to tell the

Accompanied by his long-suffering companions - Hubris, a spellbroker who refuses to pay his dues to Wizards' Hall; Marna, a feisty thiefess with a quick tongue and a quicker temper; and Drune, a mischievous wight with an unusual magical ability - our unlikely hero encounters looming retribution and imminent catastrophe at every step.

Whether raiding a sinister funeral ship, foiling a scheming seductress, solving a puzzling murder, or confronting a gang of villainous ship-wreckers, Gaspar always somehow manages to narrowly side step disaster.

But there's seemingly no end to the troubles he can find, and he soon finds
himself an unwitting player in the siege of an ancient border fortress by a
goblin army.

Told with an appealing mixture of seriousness and humour, this is an exciting, fast-paced romp based in a fantasy world where anything can, and usually does, happen!

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