Guilty by Association by E.A.Copen

Posted April 2, 2016

Everything’s bigger in Texas…Including the monsters. When a young werewolf is murdered on the Paint Rock Supernatural Reservation, the local cops think it’s a drug deal gone bad. BSI agent Judah Black knows better. An occult expert, she knows magick is at work from the beginning. Using only her wits, knowledge of the supernatural and her limited magickal abilities, she must untangle a web of cover-ups and lies before the killer finds his next victim.

My Review:

Guilty by Association opens at the scene of a murder of a young werewolf. Judah Black, a federal employee, newly moved onto the supernatural reservation in Texas (populated by werewolves, vampires, and other Fae), is sent to investigate. Not only does Black have a murderer to hunt down, she has to navigate the residents pre-conceptions of her, many of whom have chips on their shoulders. That doesn’t deter Judah in the slightest. She is a strong character in her own right, with her own back story, personal problems to deal with, and she just isn’t one for putting up with any nonsense.

I really enjoyed this book. The sample grabbed my attention, and as the story unfolded and I got to know the characters, I was engaged with the rest of the story. I liked the depth to this book, not only with the plot that transpired through this book, but with the promise of more in future books. Relationships were explored, challenges met head-on, and it was far from predictable. There were plenty of twists, turns, and surprises along the way.

I certainly intend to follow the rest of this series and can see myself reading a lot more urban fantasy in the future.
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