Hollywood Plays for Keeps by Dale E. Manolakas

Posted November 21, 2015

EXPERIENCE THE RAW REALITY OF THE ACTING WORLD—a contrary world where the smaller the stakes the more deadly the competition, especially at the seedy, haunted Valentine Theatre. With the studio system in Hollywood replaced by the small theatre training ground, the “play’s the thing” as actors claw their way from the Valentine Theatre to the big screen. Punctuated with dark humor, provocative satire, and paranormal events, has-beens and wannabes mingle with stars under the spotlights where sex is currency and murder lurks in the wings! With opening night looming and careers at stake, the multiple rich characters stop at nothing, including murder, to win their fifteen minutes of fame. Amateur actor and aspiring author Veronica Kennicott fights to stop the Valentine murders.

★★★★★ MULTI-FIVE STAR REVIEWS! “I missed most of a good night’s sleep.” “. . . beginning to the end . . . suspenseful and captivating.” “Spellbinding.” “The author truly excels in creating complex, fully realized characters and superior, entertaining dialogue.”
~~Second in Series~~DEATH SETS SAIL~~

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