Iron Blood

Posted February 19, 2022

Magic and iron don’t mix.
The balance is tentative, but in an era of peace comes progress.

Progress, success, is what Hezekiel strives for. Human through and through, his magic is that
of heated steel, the solid strike of his hammer, the rumble of a new engine. Hezekiel aims to
claim first prize at the expo with his revolutionary machine, the Crawler, and build a forge and a
name for himself; a name worthy of renown, and courting Ms. Baba.

But, insidious darkness creeps through the night, leaving death in its wake.
When his neighbor dies, Hezekiel gets snared in the mystery as he tries desperately to protect his family, even from themselves, and find the source of the strange deaths before the city is crippled.



My Review

Ironblood is a gaslamp fantasy set to a backdrop of mining, smithing, and (early) industrialization. Hezekiel works hard for a living, is loyal to his family, and has aspirations of setting up a shop of his own – if he can win the expo. His invention, the Crawler, could vastly change life for the miners for the better, but to achieve that goal, he needs to impress the more established engineers.

This book is well-written and is an enjoyable read. There is a good balance of narration and dialogue, intrigue, mystery, and a couple of ‘how is he going to get out of that?’ moments.

Ironblood can be read as a standalone book, but as this is the first book in the ‘Realms Trinity of Magic, Steam, and Aether’, series not all the story threads have been resolved. 

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