Jacked, Part one of the Origin Dime Chronicles by Mark R Morris Jr

Posted April 19, 2016

Jacked, Part one of the Origin Dime Chronicles by Mark R Morris Jr

Jack just wanted a little adventure.

When Jack Kelly learns that his universe may be imploded, he’s on his way out the door to Vegas. That doesn’t stop the interdimensional, mind-controlled terrorist crawling through the drive-thru window of Jack’s newly inherited fast food emporium, from swallowing a thumb drive containing the ‘key to the universe.’
Jack’s looking for adventure, or at least escape; from his toxic stepmother, his dead father’s memory and the burger joint he’s been waiting to own since he was nine. Now he has to choose between selling the Mad-Cow Burger Shack and hitting the road, or joining the fight against an army of mysterious ‘Shadoe Librarians’ lurking in the crevices between dimensions, waiting to take over The Origin Dime. (Jack’s dimension, and the central thread of all parallel universes)
No pressure, but Jack may be the only one who can stop them. Will Jack choose to ignore the obviously insane ravings of a trio of mad visitors, sell the restaurant and hit the road? Or, will he find the adventure he was seeking all along might be right beneath his feet, as he unravels the mystery of his own supernatural powers, the truth about his father and the very nature of the universe itself?

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