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I am not a great believer is mass Tweets to hundreds of thousands of ‘followers,’ especially when I can’t figure out how there are so many people followings websites that haven’t been around for all that long – unless I’m doing something drastically wrong, of course – although I’m sure I’ll work it out eventually.

So, with that said…

Indiescififantasy offers promotions based on actual Twitter engagements: Retweets, Link Clicks, Favourites, User Profile Clicks, Replies etc, as detailed in the image below:


I will create a large Twitter card to accompany a series of rotating text tweets. This ensures the text differs and makes use of a variety of related hashtags. The Twitter card will include an image of your book and an extract of the synopsis, such as the one below (but if you have your own promotional material, you may use that too):


I do use URL shortening sites (but don’t trust them for Stat purposes). I like my figures to balance down to the last digit, and for that reason alone, I use the statistics provided by Twitter to establish when the engagements have been reached.

My recent blog post explains how a higher exposure does result in more visits to your Amazon book pages:

And on the subject of figures…

Two accounts are used to promote your ad, which I run until the engagements are reached:

Books of a mature nature are accepted, but an adult only Twitter account is used.

And finally…

Here is a copy of’s direct link clicked report for November 2015 (the ones with the higher number are the result of daily tweets):

amznuk nov 2015 detail

The promotion we offer does indeed send visitors to your book page, but besides a handful of sales (enough to earn myself a scrummy hot chocolate from Costas once a year) I have no idea if people are grabbing samples, bookmarking the page and coming back later or perhaps adding it to their Kindle Unlimited library (where applicable). I’m putting this information on here so you know exactly what you’re getting from Indiescififantasy book promotions and can judge for yourself if it is worth the money.

Package options

Please select your chosen option and click the ‘buy now’ button to purchase advertising. You will be taken to Paypal. Upon completion of the transaction, you will be taken to the order form to submit your book or website details.

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