Righteous Release by Richard Gardner

Posted April 14, 2015

Righteous Release by Richard GardnerRighteous Release Buy on: Amazon

David Chambers was born into a strictly religious family. As members of the Eternal
Fellowship, they have chosen to reject the ways of the world and have separated
themselves from the rest of humanity.
As his arranged marriage to another follower – a woman he has come to dislike –
looms ever closer, David decides to break off the engagement. This comes as a
shock to his betrothed, his family and the wider Fellowship community.
When the beautiful Alison Johnson, a non-believer and former classmate re-enters
his life, David makes a series of decisions that will change his life forever.
Righteous Release will captivate the mind of the reader as David begins a life that
is beyond his comfort zone. There are a number of difficulties to overcome as he
adapts to his new existence.
Has David jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire? Will he return to what he
knows or embrace his new-found freedom?

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