Rising Empire

Posted June 18, 2015

Rising Empire

The nine kingdoms of Celadmore are at war. The people suffer under tyrants that strive to gain land and power in the struggle for superiority. Queen Kasnata, the wife of King Mercia Nosfa VI is trapped in a loveless, political marriage, her children are being held hostage by her husband to force her armies to march on his every whim. The people of Grashindorph, the capital city of Nosfa, are oppressed by their king and beneath the surface of the city a revolution stirs.

As war threatens to tear Celadmore to pieces, Kasnata struggles to bring peace back to the realm, fighting against bribery and corruption to bring hope to all those that are oppressed, as well as those that have been caught in the savagery of warring kings. Can the legendary queen, Empress of the Order find the strength to fight knowing the fate of her people rests on her shoulders?


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“We assume he has been alone with the queen for the last few days and yet no one seems too concerned about it. He seems to have the trust of a lot of very suspicious individuals. If I were an assassin or a spy, then that is how I would infiltrate our people.” Misna observed with a shrug.

“You are an assassin, spy and infiltrator,” Amalia said with a raised eyebrow.

“Then perhaps we should be more mindful of General Bird than we have been.”

First Impressions

A quick skim through the first few pages has revealed what promises to be an exciting read. A brief prologue introduces necessary information, and the first chapter begins in medias res – with action, inner thoughts and dialogue enticing the reader into the story. The tone, voice and writing style are of a high quality, and recent five-star reviews seem to indicate that Rising Empire could  be a must read for readers of the fantasy genre – I’m certainly adding it to my ‘to-read’ list.

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