The Mirror Maze by Trevor Forest

Posted September 3, 2015

On the eve of her ninth birthday, Molly Miggins visits the funfair where her parents are due to perform a live magic show. Molly’s mum is a High Witch and her father is a stage magician who uses real magic. During the performance the disappearing trick goes badly wrong and both of Molly’s parents vanish. Molly meets a wizard who tells her that only she can rescue them.

To succeed in her quest Molly must become a junior witch and try to find a way into the mysterious, ‘void’ where her parents have been trapped. At the witches academy Molly is given an ancient, damaged wand called, Wonky but because of a slight twist in the wand Molly finds it almost impossible to aim a spell accurately. Can Molly master the wand and rescue her parents before the wizard’s deadline or will the nasty tricks and traps he has placed in her way prevent her from fulfilling her quest?

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