The Monuments of Panda Johnson

Posted July 7, 2015

The Monuments of Panda Johnson

The Monuments of Panda Johnson isn’t my usual sort of science fiction book – it’s a comedy for starters – and anyone who knows me knows I have absolutely zero sense of humour (well, according to the husband I don’t anyway). So, the Monuments of Panda Johnson begins with a nice little prologue setting out the scene, and it’s certainly an interesting premise.

Panda lives on the one hundred and fifty-third floor of a building that reaches up through the stratosphere. He’s got a job in a burger bar and besides attending a meeting on a Tuesday, has no need to ever leave the orbit high he lives in, although a quick look at the synopsis would suggest otherwise.

As with the other books I’ve listed on here, I’ve only really read the first couple of pages, but I love the writing style of Panda Johnson. I love the image of the orbit highs (versus the decay of the lower levels) and cannot wait to see what misadventures he gets into with his alien friends.

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