Review Requests

Indiescififantasy reviews indie/small press books. Due to work commitments,  I only have time to read (and review) 1-2 books per month. You are more than welcome to submit your book for consideration. I do not require a free copy, only your request. I prefer not to feel obliged to read and review. If your cover, blurb, and synopsis appeal to me, I will download the kindle sample. If I like that, I will buy the ebook, read it, and then write a review which will be placed on this website, Amazon, and Goodreads.

What I like:

Anything SFF, though I prefer conspiracy to romance. I like strong characters, subtext, action, intrigue, and enjoy getting to know a character. I'm not so keen on books that 'tell', or over-describe. Space Opera, dystopia, and disaster scenarios are my favourites. I'm less keen on zombies, and viruses (but that's not to say I won't try them).



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