indiescififantasy promotes independent and small press authors with the promotion of books in the genres (and sub-genres) of science fiction or fantasy.

Promotions take place on Twitter and feed through to corresponding Facebook pages. Upon submitting your book for promotion, if approved, a book listing will be created and promotion will begin.

If you are pleased with the results and wish to continue promoting with indiescififantasy, low-cost packages are now avaliable.

The details

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  • I am primarily an editor of science fiction and fantasy. Due to the unforeseen success of my editing business, I have found that my time is extremely limited. In hindsight, I would never have started indiescififantasy but I enjoy promoting and like to help out where I can.
  • Free promotion is limited to a book listing and 500 tweets (per book) in order to vary the tweets and continue to engage interest.
  • A fee structure has been introduced for authors who may have found promotion with indiescififantasy successful and wish to continue. I have put the prices as low as I can as I cannot guarantee any book sales from the tweets sent, only exposure.
  • Four accounts are used to promote at present:

  • Author Interviews are available as an additional means of promotion
  • Facebook Group (which at the time of writing has the grand sum of seven members.)
  • #IndieSFF is our very own hashtag (co-managed by Panda Johnson) which we hope to grow to become a reliable and rich source of book promotion.

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